Kent has championed several major innovative projects throughout his career.

Immerse: Kent was the lead visionary and innovator in the design and delivery of Immerse, the first fully-accredited, direct-assessment competency-based masters degree in theological studies offered anywhere in the world. Immerse is a context-based, mastery model program that focus on outcomes, not courses, and mastery, not schedules. The success of this program has allowed Kent to have influence as a consultant to other schools, seeking to better understand this possibility.

Integrative Preaching: Over the last twenty-five years, Kent has developed the integrative preaching model, a whole person approach to the preaching of the Bible. This approach challenges preachers to engage, instruct, convict, and inspire. It integrates head (cognitive) and heart (affective), heaven (objective) and the human (subjective), in one coherent model. Kent established in 1997, making it one of the oldest websites related to ministry and leadership.

WINGS: Kent is a founding and continuing member of the board of WINGS Fellowship Ministries, since 1997, devoted to the provision of transition housing for women fleeing domestic violence in the city of New Westminster, BC, and beyond. WINGS also offers counselling services and programs dedicated to the prevention of domestic violence.

EHS: Kent is a founding member and past-president of the Evangelical Homiletics Society, an organization dedicated to the support and furtherance of biblical preaching from an evangelical and academic perspective.